November 22nd, 2010
Outtakes: Adam Ippolito

Adam Ippolito of Elephant’s Memory describes meeting John Lennon.

  • Brian bingham

    Please don’t ever remove this from your website.This is an amazing documentary.

  • dr john

    please put more full video for the American Master Series up onlinne for those of us that care and missed some of the historic episodes. American Experience does it – so why can’t you?

    Peace on Earth!

    Hey, A great start would be the John Lennon NYC.

    merci !! a bientot

  • Silvana brindisi

    I thought I saw & knew everything about dear John but, this was really fantastic!!! thank you PBS!!!n

  • Bari Plaisance

    SUCH an awesome idea! I will share and certainly hope it is a huge success!

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