September 21st, 2006
Lucille Ball
Career Timeline

  • andrea

    heyy i think that lucille ball is a great rolemodel. expecially for aspiring actors/actresses. she is a wonderful person and she had worked hard to get where she was and she deserved all the rememberance that she has.

  • Emma

    I LOVE LUCY!!!

  • anonymous

    where is the timeline?

  • none

    I thought that there was a timeline attached 2 this…was I wrong?? I’m trying 2 write a report and I need some info.. it’s due this Friday & has 2 b 4 pages long – helppppp!!!

  • Lanie

    Hey were the heck is the timeline I have an essay to do about her! Also i think she is a great rolemodel sad she died but she was old…

  • chris

    she is a great role model, i love lucy for sure, but i cant find the timeline, can some one point me in the right direction.

  • Kelly

    I LOVE LUCY!!!!!! bty, who doesnt?

  • Kelly

    to get to the timeline, you scroll to the top of this page and when you see the little box that says INSIDE THIS EPISODE, click on career timeline and YOUR THERE!!!!!!

  • doug

    I’m not sure if shes dead ,i think lucy cool.. even on threes company i saw her..Everything she did out of sight..

  • bob

    Wow, If you guys want the timeline that bad then just type it REALLY!!! Stop being lazy

  • Lucian Coleman

    An television ICON we’ll never forget…….A person of this statue comes along every now and then; I am happy to have witnessed her talent…..(I loved her up to “Life With Lucy!”)………….R.I.P. Lucille Ball…….

  • Tammy

    Somebody could make a fortune on a 6 week summer series replay of “Life with Lucy”. Every baby boomer would be lookiing forward to next week. The ratings would be record setting, in my opinion. I know I would be watching! And where are the movies???

  • cory



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