October 5th, 2011
Pearl Jam Twenty
Clip: Guitarist Mike McCready

Watch archival footage of Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready solo “Nothing As It Seems” on stage as Eddie Vedder sing his praises in the narration in this clip from Pearl Jam Twenty. American Masters Pearl Jam Twenty premieres nationwide Friday, October 21, 2011 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings) as part of the first PBS Arts Fall Festival.

  • Guitars Everything Here

    i’m gonna start playing the guitar :) yay…anyway, to all those beautifully professional guitarists out there:
    i’m starting with acoustic and eventually i want to also play electric cuz i absolutely LOVE both. anyway. i need all the tips and tricks for guitar brands, quality and good price etc. equipment. important factors about acoustic and electric. easy playing tricks. you get it right?
    thank for the help:)
    I found this really nice acoustic guitar. a Fender CD60 dreadnought….any good?
    |i have a black crescent guitar and i want to change it up. i am very artistic and i kind of want to put white stripping on the edge of my guitar..i need to know if anyone has any ideas of how i should do this so that i dont ruin the finish on the guitar and so that it will look amazing…
    |is there a case that holds both guitars and bass i play both but i dont want to spend the money on 2 cases i want the hard cases not the gig bags
    i didnt mean like hold both at the same time i meant seperatly but a case that will work with either one
    price wise i was hoping less than $100
    |are the Ibanez guitars descent??
    I live in CEntral Valley California. and i was thinking of getting the Ibanez TCY10 Talman Acoustic-Electric Guitar i found it for 200
    |What are the factors that make one guitar easier to play than another? I play guitar and I’ve noticed that some guitars are just easier to play. The pick seems to glide through the strings more fluidly and it seems to make a nice sound without much effort on some guitars, but on others it is hard to strum and it just sounds bad. My guitar is like this. I have a Gibson Epiphone and it sounds bad and I have trouble strumming on it. When I play someone else’s guitar or another guitar at a music store, I can play effortlessy. There are other guitars that sound bad and are hard to play, but it always seems like the one that I have is hard to play. Does it have to do with the strings? Does it have to do with how the strings are mounted? I was recently playing my roommate’s Schecter guitar, and the strings felt so firm, yet it was easy to play and it sounded good. I took the strings off of mine and put them on his. So the same strings that were on my bad sounding guitar, sounded good on his.
    His guitar was also easier to play. The same exact strings that were on mine were used, yet his guitar was easier for me to play. I must be cursed.
    |I want a baby guitar. I noticed Taylor Guitars sells them for around 400. But I don’t have enough money. What other manufacturer makes good baby guitars?
    |I heard different things about strats and Ibanez guitars
    i’m looking for a good guitar for playing classic rock songs and songs like that of frank zappa and steve vai, i know zappa plays a modded SG and Vai plays his modded ibanez, just want your opinion on what is the best overall guitar for this type of music or what type of pickups are good. Thank you for any advice
    |I am just beginning to learn to play guitar. At home, I practice on an acoustic (Washburn), but my friends and I often play at school during lunch. Several people keep their guitars at school, and we like to get together and jam for a while. I have noticed, however, that I seem to play much better on an electric than on my acoustic. Why is this? I think I read somewhere about electric guitars having thinner strings, but is that the only reason?
    |I saw a black Takamine that sounds beautiful and is made in Japan and retails around $1,400 and another that is made in Korea that costs $850 retail Takamine? Any thoughts? Cause Im trying to get a guitar that I am starting out with I have already been through a cheap $99 guitar that I hardly even played and it started cracking down and breaking on me and I just want a guitar that is going to last that I can take to the next level if I want it to. I really don’t care about electric acoustic or anything I just want a good guitar. If you could help me decide if the price is right they are offering 30% off on both of those guitars. Again Thanks for any advice.
    |I have seen the Estaban guitar commercials. Are the guitars worth it? And what is the benefit of steel vs nylon strings? Easier to play?



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