January 6th, 2010
Sam Cooke
Interview with Executive Producer Avon Kirkland

Avon Kirkland, Executive Producer of Sam Cooke: Crossing Over, explains the impact and importance of the legendary singer.

Interview conducted by John Antonelli

  • emmitt

    a big tv movie event on my boy coming soon. coming across quite a bit of press dealing with with it

  • Darlene Hadley

    I was so glad to see this on Sam Cooke.As a white teen growing up in the midwest, the music of Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, and Brooke Benton were sounds of a new dimension of music to me sprinkeled with gospel and blues and it allllll was Heaven. Marvin Gaye fell into that category also, but for me that was later. Thank you for doing these shows on them, they made great contributions to the music industry and were to me, and will always be,——-great legends.

  • Robert Collier

    I would like to by the vido about sam cook

  • Eugene M

    i like to see a movies come about sam cooke life he one of the best today not hip hop proud to by his record his to live c.d, are the Keep moving on just blown my minds. there will never be another sam cooke E.M.

  • Larry wight

    On Marvin Gaye: For three months I shot the film Prince Of Hitsville a story about the events leading up to the making of the album What’s Going On.Premiering the film on January 23 to a crowed of 300 plus people.www.princeofhitsville.info

  • tabaitha jenkins


  • lawrence walker

    I am a great fan of American Masters and would like to see a direct link
    as to where works of the artist can be purchased, along with the pbs do-

    I have recently observed the fantastic quality of DVD’s today and the power
    that comes through of these very great artists.

  • yavette

    I am a great fan of the old PBS black show up and coming from 1979 I’m writing a letter of request to Avon Kirkland to search for that show and have it shown on the black stations like tv one and BET and Centric stations. I loved that show I remember PBS showed it in reruns back in 1985 and I watched it alot, I miss that show and it would be really nice if you can find that show or investigate by PBS did with that show, I read up it was showing in Europe Norway back in 1991 and that person fell in love with the show. so let us all know that you had found the show so I can see it again

    Thanks really appreciate it

  • Alton N. David

    Where can we purchase a copy of the Sam Cooke broadcast?

  • amintern

    Refer to earlier comments

  • roger

    I wish Tyler Perry or Oprah put up their money and produce a First Class movie on Sam Cooke’s life including the b.s. thieving woman that stole his money which caused this tragedy and deprived more years of genius work by Sam.


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