April 16th, 2013
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
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Somehow, someway, Sister Rosetta Tharpe — “The Godmother of Rock and Roll” — is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Like,” “Share” and/or download the poster in this post to start the campaign to put Sister Rosetta in the Hall of Fame.

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  • Erella

    I would really like to find out if this is going to be shown on the PBS station that we get in toronto from Buffalo (WNED). The entire series seems wonderfully engaging and I would love to watch it.

  • Jill Dollinger

    What a great way to celebrate women in music!

  • Michael Henningsen

    O Sister, Where Art Thou?

  • Elena Alexander

    it’s absurd and insulting that Sister Rosetta Tharpe isn’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Please rectify this immediately, or give us a reason why this horrible omission continues.

    Thank you.

    Elena Alexander

  • Aaron Carroll

    She is certainly one of the key figures in the foundation of rock n roll. It would be a crime to not have her as part of the hall of fame. She has been overlooked for far too long by the hall of fame!




  • Marc Grobman

    I’ve enjoyed listening to Rosetta Tharpe’s records for decades, but never saw her in person. I did see Marie Knight perform about eight years ago; she still had a great, powerful voice.

    I eagerly anticipated this show, and was half disappointed, On the plus side, I learned a lot about Tharpe’s life that I had not known before. But I had hoped to see and hear some of Tharpe’s great singing and playing. Instead, over and over, the show would began to show her perform, the producers would fade the sound of her singing and guitar-playing and drown it out with people telling us about Tharpe’s greatness. It was as if the producers didn’t have enough faith in Tharpe’s performances, or in listeners’ abilities to perceive it on their own.

    Best part: Beginning, where we actually see and hear a good *part* of great Tharpe guitar playing. But that turned out to be a teaser.

    Worst parts:
    - Hearing Ira Tucker Jr. tell us how “she could make that guitar talk” and then not following it up with video of Rosetta making the guitar talk
    - Seeing just one performance of the Rosettes performing with Tharpe, a snippet that probably was no longer than five seconds
    - Seeing zero performances of Tharpe performing with Marie Knight

    I realize and appreciate that the producers put a lot of time and effort into the show, and that they had to compress the show into one hour’s time. But they could have left out a lot of the oh-how-great-she-was, and shortened the several minutes on segregation without diminishing its impact, and have shown us more of Tharpe’s amazing abilities, instead of talking about them.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of complete videos of Tharpe on YouTube. But it takes a lot of searching to find the good ones, and their video quality doesn’t match how well they would have been if shown on TV.

    Marc Grobman

  • Addie

    I had the opp to see Sister Tharpe on PBS Friday night, I called my mother and she remembers her music even though she herself was a little girl. Thank you PBS and cudos to the lady Tharpe

  • Hugh

    What an awesome show! It just ended on my network. I am amazed at how special that woman was!

  • Kutkinetic

    How is Sister Rosetta not in the R+R Hall of Fame?!?!?!?!?……. she taught them cats everything they know :-p!

  • Black In Kimono

    Thank you American Masters for this intriguing documentary on a
    little acknowledged but profoundly influential musical pioneer.
    As a result of your detailed anaylsis and fascinating archival footage,
    I was inspired to find out even more about Sister Rosetta Tharpe through my
    own research, and through quizzing my eighty year old grandmother,
    who was all too happy to share her recollections of this “big good looking woman, inspired and divine….”

  • Belinda T.

    After watching the documentary on Sis. Rosetta, I could hardly wait to share the information with my church music director and friends. She was indeed a “phenomenal woman”! Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame/Gospel Hall of Fame…find a place for this Sista’!
    I would like to see and hear more about her! Outstanding!

  • Alvin Mosley

    I personally contacted the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and voiced my discontent.

  • Deborah

    Sister Rosetta was G O S P E L and maybe some jazz but NOT rock n’ roll. She was incredible but not a rock n roller.

  • Anna Rounseville

    I’m watchin’ it right now on our local PBS World American Masters Show. How could I have been on earth this long and never heard her music before. She Paid her dues that’s for sure! I say let her in to the Hall of Fame.

  • Anna Rounseville

    “Precious Lord” she did such a good job at this number, wow! I have a recording on CD of Mihallia Jackson doing this same prayer just get chills.

  • L Daughtrey

    I watched the documentary of this remarkable woman on PBS and was puzzled as to why her musical contributions are not better known. I certainly never heard of her before and while I am not a music historian I know something about the history of popular music. American Masters once again shows the world why they are among the best at telling the stories of important figures of American culture.

  • J. Steinlauf

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe really deserves to be in the rock & roll hall of fame! Her guitar-playing and singing has been a BIG influence on many, many singers, and her style of playing has probably changed the way rock & blues guitarists have come to their own “styles.” Rosetta is amazing and her music & achievements must NEVER be lost!

  • ElayOLewisSr

    Thanks for a great presentation. I only wish that there were more to come. I agree with much of the commentary
    above. (re:Marc Grobman says: February 23, 2013 at 10:41 am

  • Ife

    this show was amazing. i had never heard of Sistah Rosetta, but i was so pleased to see and hear her powerful music. she is in the same original pantheon as all the other African American great blues and rock kings and queens!

  • charles e. williams sr.

    I remember hearing her whe i was a young boy. It bring back good memeories.She was Great it nice of PBS to show case this Great Person Thak you so much. God Bless. Charles Williams Sr.

  • B Mitchell

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe should be placed in the Hall of Fame for her contributions.

  • Ann M. Galloway

    She is a magnificant role model for women…Yes, she definately needs to be in the Hall of Fame…Wow! What a WOMAN! She is a great inspiration! Thank you for putting this information together and presenting it to the public

  • rosa

    I agree with many others that Sister Rosetta should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Vote Yes!

  • Greg Rasheed
  • Donna Green

    Had limited access to Sister Tharpe & her music. Enjoyed the PBS documentary a couple of weeks ago. Thank your for highlighting her talent & her musical contribution.

  • Leroy Jacobs

    She is one of the BEST!

  • Atomic Man

    She is in my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – and a lot of those lame acts that are in the “proper” one are not. You go Sistah!!!!!

  • Myrtle Beach Music Mama

    Sound like same problem with this documentary as with Michael Feinstein shows. He doesn’t let us hear the original people. The clip of the singer fades out and yet we hear Michael Feinstein playing entire songs. Yes, he is terrific, but please let us hear more of the musicians and singers that his documentaries are highlighting.

    I agree that Sister Tharpe belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if she is the Godmother of Rock and Roll!!

  • Ellison Pearson

    This is a wonderful account of Sister Tharpe, especially the audio of Bob Dylan describing her. She was a black woman unable to stay in hotels and became the first to own a tour bus with bunks and her name on it. This alone is grounds for the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

    I am not sure why the vote for the hall of fame is part of a social media tool. Not everyone uses Facebook.


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