July 26th, 2006
Walter Cronkite
Career Timeline

  • A. Joseph Ross

    In the TV show, it is stated that Huntley and Brinkley came along as competition to Walter Cronkite in 1960. This may make for a good story, but it’s not true. Huntley and Brinkley had been anchoring the NBC evening news since they replaced John Cameron Swayze in fall 1956.

  • Barbara Hays

    I have searched the web to find out about Mr. Cronkite’s program, ‘You are There.’ I did find one from a woman who watched the episodes in her history class in the ’60’s. I watched eagerly with my children and wonder if some of the episodes can be shown on PBS.

  • Bruce Simpson

    I, too, was a fan of Walter. Vietnam, man-on-the-moon, …the whole nine yards! I grew-up with Walter Cronkite, …but I also grew-up with Jane Curtain….. …and ‘Network’….. …and here we are…..


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