Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl - Lynn as Lyricist and Songwriter

In this film excerpt from Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl, Sheryl Crow and Jack White talk about Loretta Lynn’s talent as a lyricist and songwriter, and Reba McEntire reveals her favorite Lynn song, “If You’re Not Gone Too Long,” and sings some of it.

Jack White breaks down the unique way Lynn writes double choruses and verses, using “Fist City” as an example. White produced and played on Lynn’s 2004 album, Van Lear Rose, which won Best Country Album at the 2005 Grammy Awards.

Sheryl Crow describes the personal appeal of Lynn’s songs, which seemed to speak for many. Crow sang on the 2010 tribute to Loretta Lynn at Lynn’s request and looks up to Lynn as a powerful female role model.