It could be your mother, a friend or a teacher. Have they expressed themselves artistically? Worked to better their community? Achieved academic success? Empowered others and embraced diversity? Share their stories here.
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Rodrick Enns


The most inspiring woman I know is Shirley Deane, a friend whom I’ve known for fifteen years. In the 1950s she was a talented N.Y. entertainer who walked away ...

Caprice Corbett

New York City, NY

My mother Arlene Patricia Corbett began her professional career as a secretary and through her diligence became the first Direct Marketing Manager at both Smithsonian and The New Yorker magazines ...

Jacqueline Cofield

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Jacqueline Cofield, the founder of J Rêve International LLC, is a multi-passionate, multidisciplinary cultural creative, educator, and yogini. Her global work includes programs with MAPP International Productions, Paramount International ...

Irene Smalls

Boston, MA, United States

"Girl, you gone too far to fall back." With those words my godmother, Louise Godfrey McNeil propelled my soul and my generations. Part of the great Black migration from the ...

Teressa Kennedy

Manteca, CA, United States

My mother is an extraordinary example of strength and courage. During my lifetime, she has experienced so much: from physical abuse in her childhood, battling an aggressive cancer in her ...

Ana Navarro

Miami, FL, United States

Learn about the woman who pushed Ana Navarro to be the person she is today. Also, she's got some great advice for other women who may be interested in politics.

Carmen de Lavallade

New York City, NY, United States

American actress, dancer and choreographer Carmen de Lavallade tells the story of her cousin, ballet dancer Janet Collins. "There are times in your life when you want to give up, ...

Katie Mann


You really threw my for a loop in filling out this form. “Select a theme.” Are we artistic expression? Community engagement? Or embracing diversity? Personally, I think ...

Julie Babyar

San Francisco, CA, United States

To inspire. To lead, engage, motivate. To ignite light in others. Tina Ward. I have many connections with inspiring women everywhere. When I reflect on those who bring positive community impact ...

Judy little

La Verne, CA, United States

No single person has influenced me more than Mary Baker Eddy. Although she died in 1910, her writings are sharply relevant for today's world. Along with my Bible, I read ...

Gloria Harrison

Azusa, CA, United States

Mary Baker Eddy is my inspiration. She inspires me to become a spiritual healer like she was and to help others to be spiritual thinkers. Mary Baker Eddy authored the book, ...

Lora Englehart

West Chester, PA, United States

Mary Ann Shadd Cary (1823-1893) used the gifts she was given to lift up all people, but especially people of color, women and children. In her life, she fought slavery, ...

Tara Marta


Born in 1921, my Aunt Anna grew up in Brooklyn, New York at a time when women had few choices. Though she longed to attend college, she had to quit ...

Racine Dews


Mary Baker Eddy is the woman I am inspired by because she established a world-wide religion, established The Christian Science Monitor which is an international news magazine, and authored the ...

Jean Willets

Des Moines

Mary Baker Eddy the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures embraces all mankind in its diverse expression with God's ...