Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera: Rivera In America

About the Artist

“An artist is above all a human being, profoundly human to the core. If the artist can’t feel everything that humanity feels, if the artist isn’t capable of loving until he forgets himself and sacrifices himself if necessary, if he won’t put down his magic brush and head the fight against the oppressor, then he […]

Organizer for Students

Print the following organizer for the lesson Diego Rivera: Art as the Universal Language: Organizer for Lesson One

Lesson Procedures for Teachers

Materials Styrofoam fruit trays lined with burlap to make the panel less fragile (avoid using meat trays, which may harbor contamination) Paper clips Plaster (preferably fine jeweler’s plaster) Powdered tempera Very soft brushes Brown paper Charcoal 90-lb. watercolor paper Tracing paper A straight pin A sock filled with powdered charcoal Find books about Diego Rivera […]