Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to The Sea

Filmmaker Interview – DeWitt Sage

AMERICAN MASTERS “Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea” THE SUN ALSO RISES … A FAREWELL TO ARMS … THE NICK ADAMS STORIES. Ernest Hemingway’s groundbreaking novels and stories, and the complicated personality behind them, are explored in “Rivers to the Sea”. Below, “Rivers to the Sea” writer and director DeWitt Sage shares some thoughts on […]

Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to The Sea

Reflections on Ernest Hemingway

by Tom Stoppard When Joseph Conrad died, Ernest Hemingway, by way of an obituary notice, wrote a little piece in the TRANSATLANTIC REVIEW, in October 1924, and what he said was that if it could be shown that by grinding T. S. Eliot down to a fine powder, and by sprinkling the powder upon Conrad’s […]