Ralph Ellison

Ralph Ellison: An American Journey

An American Journey

by Anne Seidlitz In writing INVISIBLE MAN in the late 1940s, Ralph Ellison brought onto the scene a new kind of black protagonist, one at odds with the characters of the leading black novelist at the time, Richard Wright. If Wright’s characters were angry, uneducated, and inarticulate — the consequences of a society that oppressed […]

Ralph Ellison: An American Journey

Filmmaker Interview – Avon Kirkland

AMERICAN MASTERS Online presents an extended self-interview with “Ralph Ellison” filmmaker Avon Kirkland. Avon Kirland: Do I really have to do this interview? Q: Yes, you do. Your contractual agreement with AMERICAN MASTERS requires it. AK: All right. Let’s get it over with. Q: I have heard you asked several times why you chose Ralph […]