This Land is Your Land Project | George DeLuca

George DeLuca | Lowell, MA

  • Rich

    It is great seeing/hearing a National Park Ranger singing This Land is Your Land…how perfect!

  • Marieke Slovin

    I am honored to be included among all of these musicians in a project to celebrate a hero. I grew up listening to Woody, Arlo, and Pete but never imagined I would write and perform music in my own, small way of trying to follow in their footsteps. I play “This Land Is Your Land” at the end of every program I offer at Lowell National Historical Park. I recently had the opportunity to play and sing this song with other NPS staff in the auditorium of the Department of the Interior Building in Washington, D.C. Talk about a goose bump moment! Here in Lowell, I write songs from the oral histories of men and women who worked in the factories for decades of their lives in the 1900s. I try to tell their stories in song and honor their lives. Thank you for your inspiration, Woody!

  • Henry Loughman

    I had a chance to visit the fair city of Lowell a few summers back. Lowell makes a wonderful backdrop to the song and you did the song and Woody justice with this rendition. Kudos.

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