This Land Is Your Land Project | Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along

Matthew Blackwood | Madison, WI

  • canyonguy

    The most lively and joyfull version I have ever heard of my uncles tune- In solidarity from Ca

    • Jonathan Rosenblum

      And the most lively and joyfull tune in the Solidarity Sing Along songbook, from this Wisconsin hobo’s perspective! An honor to sing out! (And sometime you’ll have to hear the Wisconsin chorus that we taught Arlo when he visited us on no less than July 14, 2011.)

  • Brian Willits

    You are privileged to have a great leader like Scott Walker. You should be thanking him for you improved economy. Seems to be a bit ungrateful. That is the Truth! Deal with it!

    • Jonathan Rosenblum

      It might help the truth along, sir, to offer some evidence. We all actually hope that Wisconsin’s economy will improve. Here’s the latest update from one of the newspapers that endorsed Mr. Walker. We lament that the means to this meager end so far for this governor had to include an attack on workers’ rights to voice at work. But why argue on this page when this is a dedication to Woody and family? Let’s all enjoy the hundreds of great and inspired contributions to this wonderful project and leave the debates for some other page. So happy you took the time to tune in!

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