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In Search of Ancient Ireland
Cartographer's Journey
Fortress Ireland
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Lesson Plans

The lesson plans below, which adhere to National Learning Standards, contain complete instructions for classroom implementation and suggestions for cross-curricular extensions. The lesson plans may be completed as pre- or post-viewing activities for students watching IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT IRELAND, or in generalized units on ancient history. While you are building your students' knowledge of ancient Ireland, you will also be building their technology skills, as each lesson contains structured and integrated use of the Internet. Feel free to adapt the lesson plans to meet your students' needs and your curricular goals.

Lesson Plan One
When trying to gain insight into ancient times, it is important to obtain information from a variety of different disciplines. In this lesson students will learn how various disciplines contribute to our knowledge of ancient societies. After viewing the production IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT IRELAND, the students participate in activities designed to further their understanding of ancient Ireland.

Lesson Plan Two
Ancient Irish culture flourished as a result of a myriad of influences. In this lesson, students will explore Irish myths, create a classroom museum exhibit on Irish music, poetry, and legends, and create a mock news broadcast on ancient Ireland.

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Lesson Plan One
Lesson Plan Two
Top: The remote monastery on Skelligmichael.
Bottom: Ruins of the Clonmacnoise Monastery.