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November 25th, 2009
THE ASCENT OF MONEY wins International Emmy®

British broadcaster Channel 4 picked up an International Emmy® Award for best documentary for historian Niall Ferguson’s series THE ASCENT OF MONEY. The series charts the financial history of the world, demonstrating the effect that finance had on some of the most momentous historic events.

  • R Mason

    Excellent material for any history or econ or poly sci major Very well done great classroom material
    thank you PBS

  • Uberto

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  • Fort Worth Alarm

    yo por suerte la baje pirata y luego de esperarla tantos meses, realmente me lleve una decepcion, se veia una trama novedosa pero es mas de los mismo: el mundo se va a joder y tenemos q salvarnos, nada muy nuevo -.-
    Fort Worth Alarm

  • Plymouth MN Soapstone Counters

    This series was great. Kudos!

  • Rupert

    I wish they would bring the ascent of money to the states. This was such a good series and really taught individuals a lot about money and business. It really helped out my Appliance Warehouse stay in business.

  • Smart Home

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