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July 8th, 2009

Order your copy of the four-hour documentary event THE ASCENT OF MONEY now by clicking here to buy it at ShopPBS.

  • Sandra Long

    I loved this story! I thought it was Very well done! Please send me a copy.

  • Ken Combs

    I have been impressed with Niall Ferguson commentaries on GPS. Please send me a copy!

  • dee payment

    How do I buy a copy of this DVD? I was really impressed with this video!!


    we were very much impressed by this.
    i learned a lot.
    please sent me a video of this

  • Andrew Stravitz

    I would have liked to have seen more information on the difference between fiat money and the gold or silver standard. Overall, it was an excellent documentary and I would highly recommend it to others.

  • Wilfred Kabbale

    Only half the program was shown in Uganda but it was eye opening, real great stuff. Its still abit difficult buying web stuff in africa but have to find it and definitely recommend it.

  • d sullivan

    liked the show

  • S. Weitzel

    I heard Mr. Ferguson on an Canadian political show called “Power Play” The short interview he gave intrigued me so much I googled to see if there was more about his book. Imagine how thrilled I was to see a special. There seems to be 2 versions though; a 2 hour vs a 4 hour. Can anyone clarify? Also we have viewed much of the material on this site. Thankyou. Even the preview mesmerized my husband.

  • Harold Webber

    I am in the middle of Niall’s book. It is fascinating. I have been involved with Credit Unions for 40 years and this is the first exposure I’ve had on indepth material such as this. Finding it hard to put the book down.

  • Eric Lam

    Very impressived! How many episols in total?

  • David P

    Stunning doco that really opened my eyes, and now I finally have some idea what all those financial devices are.

  • Dr. Clement

    Thank you PBS and everyone responsible for such a work of incrediable masterpiece.Many people fear the truth,if only they realized it sets one free.

  • Sevin Paul Dugas

    Excellent program – mature and professional presentation of the facts. Now I have the crown jewel of tools to help educate others. Thank you PBS.

  • Kingsley Beck

    I am looking to buy the video but there seems to be a 2 hour version and a 4 hour version. Can you please let me know what is included on each. King

  • Gerald Kopp

    Niall Ferguson has left out (deliberately or not) Alexander Hamilton’s establishment of a national, sovereign credit system (no, not a credit card system!). Learn more at:

  • Rick

    What a terrific program. Very informative, and well-presented. A+

  • Steve Miller

    My television is usually on PBS and this is the first time I’ve bought any episode or series. I thought I new more about money than perhaps 98% of the people, but after watching The Ascent of Money, I’ve been stunned at how much I didn’t know. A part of me wonders if Niall Ferguson is putting some “spin” on this to suit someone’s purpose.

  • saimned

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  • john7334

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