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July 8th, 2009
The Ascent of Money Episode 2: Bonds of War

Niall Ferguson on John Law and his Louisiana territory Ponzi scheme; bond markets support warfare in Europe; globalization accelerates with the economic invasion of the Far East.

  • Harry Abruzzese

    Great content and camera work (one location in Episode 1 was a block away from my crib) Very effective teaching aid. Looking foreword to next installment.

  • Danielle

    This isn’t working on my computer! :( :( It was working the other night so I saved it to watch it later, and now it’s not! Whyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Rakoon

    This video is extremely important, as it is said ” You can’t expect to know where you are going until you know where you have been”.

  • Karriem at Tenzing

    This is excellent work. The educational component is also very wel done.

    Karriem at Tenzing Innovations

  • Beltway Greg

    Nice to see that Ferguson dispelled the salacious rumor about the Rothschilds and by proxy Jews in general. I met Jacob once and he was an absolutely first rate individual.

  • Tim T

    episode 2 is way out of sync

  • lynette Morse

    Terrific! Hilarious!

  • Jamie

    “This content is unavailable” – no love for Canada or what?

  • j jesser

    Everytime I try to load the part 1,2 and 4 of Asebt of Money I get an error saying content is not available. &3 works fine can you tell me why? Please

  • Ronald

    “This content is currently unavailable”. Could someone tell me why?

  • BarryO Puppet

    Obama is about to “nuke you” Lol. Permenently unavailable.

  • Hamlet

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble….

  • Dawn Hitchings

    Both informative AND entertaining… Unfortunately, the vast majority of the “Tea Party” crowd, or basically most of the folks who watch “FOX NEWS” wouldn’t be capable of grasping the lessons here. What a tragedy.

  • rowdy8888


  • Roger

    no works for Mexico…“This content is currently unavailable”

  • Troy

    Canada and Mexico, try this link:

  • Gerry Dee

    History does repeat itself, we are headed there again folks…. only a matter of time now …

  • China west

    Can we Puleeeeeze leave the issue of Jewish and non Jewishness out of this discussion…religion has little to none importance in this discussion.

    The issue here is that this film is clearly and intentionally OBFUSCATING the ever so simple point of Waterloo with details details details…The Duke of this or Baron of that…toted some gold and silver by hand on a mule with only three legs and a big black spot on his left { not right ~ as a comminist would like you to belive} buttocks, and the gold was delivered in Algerian gunnysacks made of the finest eastern linen washed by the saliva of french hookers…etc etc…

    Look ~ Mayer was clever . He used the timely information to take over the bank of England and then supposedly forced the British to allow him to print the money and lend it at interest…thus he then owned England outright.

    Why could any details of how gold and or silver was delivered to the Duke of Worchester Sauce possibly interest us at this point ???

    BEWARE !!! as with ALL economics “edumakationisms”…especially in hard times…OBFUSCATION is intentional and necessary to keep all those interested … Placated and satiated with fabulously sophisticated stories which pedestrian minds just can’t follow… tea ??? Crumpet??? syphilis???

    NO applause…just throw money!

  • China west

    RE: The civil war and the cotton blockade…more Obfuscation…intentional confusing of the subject…Yes the Rothschild s were backing the north…so much that when they ask Abe Lincoln to pay upwards of 30% interest near the end of the war he started printing his own INTEREST FREE GREENBACKS …Any sitting U.S. president, as head of the treasury department has the authority to print United States Notes…unlike Federal Reserve Notes the public does not have to pay interest to a private corporation {The Federal Reserve} for their use.
    Interestingly enough. With the exception of Andrew Jackson every president who has printed treasury notes has been assassinated. JFK printed just over $600 million in United States Notes ~ they have a blue seal and were hastily taken out of circulation. They can be found in pawn shops and coin shops around the country. They are more valuable than silver certificates altruistically…because they are the proof that JFK was printing American money!

  • China west

    OMG ! ! ! did this guy just say that a steady job was better than a landed title…{ with acreage!!!} I’m sorry but i can’t go on listening to this dribble…

    With due respect ~ If any of the Rothschild s have financed this story telling…please get in touch with me…I can be quite a bit more convincing with just a little Ritalin and some of that fabulous Chateau Margo that y’all pour so well. or was it the Laffite??? a 69 or a 71 if memory serves…the Denver Petroleum Club ran out of it… gotta taste the wine others leave behind…

    Chang Dow for now…

    China West high up in the Rockies…

  • Phyllis

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  • Nasa


  • Nasa
  • latos
  • manny
  • Chudi

    Great work! I hope that you will include the contribution of Africa in world trade and commerce in your next narrative.

  • brady

    fuck this teacher!!!

  • SandraJ

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    Sandra Johnston
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  • Lou Mettz

    Great story on John Law. I had read about this somewhere before so it was interesting to get a different take on it.

  • Hippycrit


    Bravo! Ad hominem retort. I suppose it doesn’t fit your “magical thinking” economic ideas.

  • Gabriel


    I am disappointed as I am unable to view the documentary on-line. May I ask why not?

  • Jason

    I live in Hong Kong…and are there any video which i can watch here in Hong KOng with subtitle?

  • Mitaky

    The activities of John law is intriguing. What is the real reason for boom bust cycle…not clear. Could it be a combination of fractional reserve banking based on erroneous concept of money as commodity/ a debt and charging compound interest (usury) on credit issued out of thin air.

    Bond means government are bonded slave of bankers (see war bonds) and privatised central banks insured bonds are repaid.

  • Jodi Boam

    that John Law chap would have made a great Fed chairman ;)

    Jodi Boam

  • cati kaplama

    I wonder why can not I watch the content does not work
    cati kaplama

  • Yuko Yee

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  • pbarr

    This documentry is absolutly full of it. Propaganda!!!!!!

  • john7334

    Truly, you know what the heck you are talking about. Any doubts I may have had were quickly laid to waste as I absorbed the first paragraph. Outdoor Garden Lights

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