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Berga: Soldiers of Another War
Stories of Berga What Would You Do? Timeline & Maps Berga and Beyond War Crimes
Intro Part I. Identity Part II. Escape Part III. Sabotage Part IV. Death March
Part I. Identity -- Your are sent to the Berga camp.Berga entrance; interrogation

Berga barracks
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Jewish P.O.W.s -- and many who "looked" Jewish -- were selected.


Many American P.O.W.s chose to keep their identity to themselves. The Nazis were only able to positively identify around 80 Jewish soldiers. Frustrated that they could not round up the requisite 350 Jews, the Nazis chose people who they thought looked Jewish or otherwise racially "undesirable." German officials also selected soldiers whom they considered to be troublemakers.

More than a few soldiers were undoubtedly chosen at random. Ultimately, far more Christians were sent to Berga than Jews. Yet, because of distinctive last names and physical characteristics, only a very small number of Jews eluded the identification process and were able to remain at Bad Orb.

Soldier in barracks
Inside the camp
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Jewish P.O.W.s faced a difficult decision.


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