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Timeline: Mexico & Peru

  • Jim Miller

    This should have been a story about what goes around comes around because humans got their start from Africa. All humans evolved from Africans. In todays way of thinking, many people have been led to deny their racial composition. I think because when peoples minds have been conquered, they are subjected to go along with lies of convenience. In many societies being a mixture of African is a cause of redicule and denial. The Europeans did a masterful job when they went around the world with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other which was a greater way to conquer minds. The notion that lighter skin colors is better than dark skin lingers in the mind of many because of ignorance. There have been several PBS documentaries such as INCREDIBLE HUMAN JOURNEY and JOURNEY OF MAN which dispells the idea of races. Biologically speaking, there’s only one race–the human race. If only people could read new materials and look beyond cartoons which stereotype Africans, maybe better days ahead. Went to El Salvador and its neighbors and did notice the African heritage.

  • Rodney

    Dr. Gates has done an excellent job, continuing what the late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima did in “They Came Before Columbus.” Even though the evidence is overwhelming that the African has made and continues to make major contributions in world history, there are still many people that will not acknowledge those contributions. But no one can deny that a black man (from 12% of the American population) is at the head and in “charge” of the most powerful nation in the history of humankind. And this was done over the course of when the first African landed in North America in 1619, until November 4, 2008 when Barack Obama became President. This occurred without a single act of violence over the course of that time (389 years)…..

  • Cherry

    Very enlighting. So important and I wish this would be showed in schools and primetime TV. I’ve enjoyed each installment and I thank you Dr Gates for sharing and educating us all (who are willing to watch/learn).

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