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May 14th, 2009
blueprint america
Web Video: Infrastructure?

Ray Suarez (The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer) and David Brancaccio of (NOW on PBS) talk about reporting on America’s infrastructure problems with Blueprint America.

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  • beatrice cromwell

    The reason our public servants have not maintained our bridges, tunnels, raised roads, etc is to get them so broken down that then can then justify PRIVATIZING them!!! A “crisis” will be created that only private enterprise can repair in an efficient manner. These types of thoroughfares can produce revenue to private corporations. The corrupt politicians will “sell” our infrastructure and the revenue they produce. It is happening already. Gov.
    Rendall tried to sell PA highways. Other toll roads in private hands exist in several places around our country. This is not to serve the public, is it to funnel more money and influence more and more to the top, away from the people. Now that they have casinos
    everywhere funnelling money to the top,the money boys will focus on their next money grab, our infrasture is just one of their bets.

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