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June 5th, 2009

President Barack Obama has called for the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank. The intention: To create a structure so public works projects could be, according to the President while campaigning last year, “determined not by politics, but by what will maximize our safety and homeland security; what will keep our environment clean and our economy strong.” Still, it is unclear how a National Infrastructure Bank would function — or even be established.

Blueprint America looks at the possibility of the Bank — both the design and implementation of — in interviews with Felix Rohatyn, author of Bold Endeavors: How our government built America, and why it must rebuild now, and Stan Hazelroth, Executive Director of the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank. Additionally, a breakdown of the progress of the National Infrastructure Bank so far.

  • Robert Ohlerking

    BluePrint America the New York segment: extremely Manhattan-biased as is the Bloomberg Government. There needs to be transportation planning in all the other boroughs because buses can’t run on clogged streets. People from these boroughs need to drive into Manhattan because they do not have an effective and functional public transportation system/network. Buses that run every 20 minutes or every 40 minutes are not particularly useful to people trying to get to subways to get to Manhattan to work or appointments. A government that ignores 4 of its five boroughs and part of the fifth is not effective. Manhattan needs the trucks that drive into it. The current administration is not particularly clever at discovering and resolving the city’s problems

  • Nancy Cuddeback

    While I agree with many of the explanations of how we got us to this point of urban sprawl; there’s the politically incorrect reason that is obviously ignored by Miles O’Brien. And that is over-population, and over-immigration. And it is degrading the quality of life in America, no matter what part of the country you live in. We can’t keep taking in a million plus immigrants, not to mention the million, or so illegals who flood into America year after year and think that just a little more careful planning will fix everything. And now that this nation is in the worst financial crisis since the 1st Depression, we no longer have the money for all of these wonder fixes that are purposed. And we can no longer just keep absorbing third-world poverty into our society. Lest the whole nation becomes California.

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