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February 12th, 2009
America in Gridlock
[REPORT] Infrastructure of the stimulus plan: Overall public works spending

Tom McNamara, Blueprint America

What has often been referenced as a new New Deal, similar to initiatives instituted during the Great Depression, the following is a breakdown of federal funds from Congress’ economic stimulus devoted to projects or spending that is related to or will affect infrastructure in the U.S.

[Education] [Energy] [General Infrastructure] [State Block Grants]

$47 billionThough much of the funds are dedicated to prevent cuts in state aid to school districts, there is flexibility to also use the money for school modernization and repair.
$5 billionTo weatherize modest-income homes.
$11 billionTo develop the “smart electricity grid” to reduce waste.
$13.9 billionIn subsidized loans for renewable energy projects.
$6.3 billionIn state energy efficiency and clean energy grants.
$4.5 billionTo make federal buildings more energy efficient.
$27 billionFor highway and bridge construction and repair.
$8.4 billionFor mass transit.
$8 billionFor construction of high-speed railways.
$1.3 billionFor Amtrak.
$4.6 billionFor projects for the Army Corps of Engineers.
$4 billionIn public housing improvements.
$6.4 billionFor clean and drinking water projects.
$7 billionTo expand broadband Internet service to underserved areas.
“Work pays America! Prosperity.” Designed in New York as part of the WPA Federal Art Project between 1936 and 1941. STATE BLOCK GRANTS
$8 billionIn aid to states to relieve budget deficits.

Sources: American Public Transportation Association, The Associated Press, House Appropriations and Ways and Means committees, Library of Congress (W.P.A. images), Senate Appropriations and Finance committees, The Wall Street Journal

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