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March 30th, 2010
on the road

This May and June, we’re excited to launch THE BLUEPRINT AMERICA SCREENING TOUR, a community screening initiative that will use Beyond the Motor City to raise questions—and seek answers—about the future of transportation in America. Thanks to generous support from the Rockefeller Foundation, we’re able to provide the film, free of charge, to communities across the country who wish to host public screenings of the film.

City planners, urban growth experts, cyclists, commuters, students, policymakers, and concerned citizens across the country are invited to join THE BLUEPRINT AMERICA SCREENING TOUR to energize debate on:

  • New hopes for accessible, clean and modern mass transit in America
  • The role of cities, and consumers, in shaping the next generation of transportation systems
  • A roadmap for revitalizing the way we move through our cities and neighborhoods
As hosting partners in THE BLUEPRINT AMERICA SCREENING TOUR, interested organizations can:
  • Pick a date and venue for your screening of Beyond the Motor City in May or June 2010
  • Invite local leaders, journalists, and experts to lead a post-film discussion or Q&A
  • Promote your screening among your friends and neighbors
Thanks to support from the Rockefeller Foundation and Thirteen/WNET, we’ll provide:
  • An exclusive copy of Beyond the Motor City on DVD, specially licensed for a public event
  • Discussion postcards to help jump-start conversation and debate after the film
  • Original film posters to help promote your screening locally
  • Cindy Kimball

    Hi Catlin,
    I am still trying to get a hold of the film Beyond the Motor City. I sent an email to Kathy Hughes but have not got a reply. I will try again. Is there another contact? I tried Tom MaNamara but his eamil address bounced back to me.
    Thank you!
    Cindy Kimball
    Salem Progressive Film Series

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