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July 16th, 2009
Public Works
Video: Blueprint Colorado

Denver’s Changing Neighborhoods

Rocky Mountain PBS – As cities age across the country, there is a movement to maintain infrastructure by also changing a community’s way of life. In Denver, it is called a  ‘Living Street’ — an area that supports mobility (mass-transit to biking to walking to, even, automobiles), public interaction and economic development through the planning and repurposing of urban land near transit lines.

In a series of short videos, Rocky Mountain PBS — as a part of Blueprint America — depicts the varying aspects of the Denver Living Streets Initiative, and the rebuilding of Denver.

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Colorado State of Mind

Rocky Mountain PBS – Colorado is growing. In 1950, Colorado’s population was just over 1.3 million. By 1980, nearly 3 million. During the 1990s, the state added over one million inhabitants, or about 275 people each day. In 2000, Colorado had 4.3 million residents. In the Denver metro area alone, some 2.8 million people live there — and by 2030, Denver’s population is expected to grow by 1 million.

At the same time, the state is trying to grow its infrastructure to meet the demands of its growing population. The Denver metro area already has an extensive public transit system, and is seeking to expand it with more light-rail in the coming years.

Colorado State of Mind on Rocky Mountain PBS — as a part of Blueprint America — talks with Colorado’s state planners to see how the state is managing its infrastructure.

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Joining Colorado State of Mind host Cynthia Hessin:

Cynthia Hessin, Colorado State of Mind

- Bill Vidal, Denver Manager of Public Works

- Margo Hatton-Wolf, Pueblo Riverwalk Foundation

- Parry Burnap, Denver Mayor’s “Greening” Director

- Trent Prall, Engineering Manager, city of Grand Junction’s public works and planning departments
Rocky Mountain PBS is a partner station of Blueprint America

  • Dan Campbell

    I was in the Boulder/Denver area for 3 days last month; I found both to be inviting and friendly. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and would like to see a similar effort made here to create the feeling of “community”. While in Germany 3 years ago, I realized that even in a city as heavily populated as Berlin it is possible to have and enjoy a sense of community. Why is it, that we as a country just now see the need for this and why does so many cities still balk at light rail and rapid transit as being necessary to investment in all our futures.

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