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February 1st, 2009
The Next American System
[CREDITS] Road to the Future

Written & Produced by:
Marc Shaffer

Alison Amron
Juliet Weber

Miles O’Brien

Associate Producers:
Kristina Cafarella
Sandrine Magloire Szlasa
Nathan Sterner

Production Assistants:
Tom McNamara
Reuben Savits

Additional Producers:
Thomas Jennings
Roger Sherman

Kevin Cloutier
David Goulding
Thomas Jennings
Brian Kimmel
Ben McCoy
Peter Nelson
Roger Sherman
Tim Tyler

Field Sound:
Jim Baer
Theo Caris
Morgan Hobart
Brian Johnson
Drew Levinson
Roger Phenix
Ted Roth
Merce Williams

Field Producer:
David Mayne

Sara Barnes
Erin Chapman

Additional Materials:
Bosco-Milligan Foundation/Architectural Heritage Center
Bruce Forster
City of New York, Office of the Mayor
The Colorado Department of Transportation
Denver Area Traffic video courtesy of KMGH-TV
Denver Post
Eisenhower Presidential Library
Footage & Stills Provided by Getty Images
Georgetown University
The Library of Congress
MacDonald & Associates
Oregon Historical Society
The Oregonian
The Prelinger Archive
Streamline Films
Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority
The University of Oregon Knight Library

Special Thanks:
Civic Results
Bruce Hanson
Martin Leuthauser
Portland Development Commission
Keith Schrum

Assistant Editor:
Brad Kimbrough

Original Music:
Carlos Valdez

David Chomowicz
Alina Landry

Sound Mix:
Doug Johnson

Online Editor:
Gary VandenBergh

Promos Editor:
Jay Slot

Production Management:
Julie Schapiro Thorman

Odell Nails

Kellie Castruita Specter
Roberta Lee
Joe DePlasco

Christopher Czajka
Eva Glaser

For Blueprint America
Senior Web Producer:

Wayne Taylor

For Blueprint America
Web Producer:

Tom McNamara

For Blueprint America
Supervising Producer:

Cyndee Readdean

For Blueprint America
Senior Consultant:

Ed Hersh

Senior Producer:
Eva Anisko

Executives in Charge:

Stephen Segaller
Neal Shapiro

Executive Producer:
Kathleen Hughes

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