The Secret Life of the Brain
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About the Series
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Web Credits

Production Staff
David Hirmes, Producer
Debbie Kaufman, Associate Producer

Design Staff
Sabina Daley, Art Director and Designer
Karen Mattson, Designer
Radik Shvartz, Designer
Leela Corman, Illustrator
Ruiyan Xu, Production Artist

Technical Staff
Brian Lee, Technical Director
Brian Santalone, Page Builder
Peter Tierney, AVID
Marcel Blum, Macromedia Director Programmer

Faith Brynie
Jenny Offill
Yanay Ofran
Sue-Young Wilson

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York's Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs.

TV Credits

Episode 1: Wider than the Sky
Episode 2: Syllable from Sound

Written, Produced, and Directed by David Grubin

Sarah Colt, Co-Producer
Seth Bomse, Editor
Deborah Peretz, Additional Editing
James Callanan, Director of Photography

Episode 3: A World of Their Own

Written and Produced by Michael Penland

Jenny Carchman, Associate Producer
Nobuko Oganesoff, Editor
Gregory Andracke, Director of Photography

Episode 4: To Think by Feeling

Written by Tom M. Jennings

Produced by Tom M. Jennings and Amanda Pollak
Deborah Peretz, Editor
James Callanan, Director of Photography

Episode 5: Through Many Lives

Written and Produced by Edward Gray

Annie Wong, Co-Producer
Joshua Waletzky, Editor
Edward Marritz, Director of Photography

For the Series

Michael Bacon, Music
Blair Brown, Narrator
June Kinoshita, Science Editor
422, Animation


Merle Kailas, Project Management
Jared Lipworth, Coordinating Producer
William R. Grant, Executive in Charge

Beth Hoppe, Executive Producer

For David Grubin Productions, Inc.

Sara Levine, Office Manager
Shira Loewenberg-Dokic, Series Production Coordinator
Sarah Colt, Series Co-Producer
Lesley Norman, Production Executive

David Grubin, Executive Producer

The Secret Life of the Brain is a Co-Production of David Grubin Productions, Inc. and Thirteen/WNET New York in association with Docstar.

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