The Secret Life of the Brain
History of the Brain 3-D Brain Anatomy Mind Illusions Scanning the Brain The Episodes:

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Screenshot of Screensaver
Windows Macintosh
1 Download the screensaver. If your browser is not equipped with an automatic install program:

2 Save the screensaver file to your desktop.

3 Double click the icon.

4 The brain.exe file will automatically be installed.

5 For options, right click on the desktop and select Properties. Then select the Screensaver tab.

Download Windows Version (695K)
1 Download the screensaver. Note: You must have StuffIt Expander 6.5.

2 Drag the BRAIN screensaver icon into your control panels folder in the Macintosh system folder.

3 Turn off any other screensavers that may be running.

4 Restart your system to activate the screensaver.

5 For options, double click on the BRAIN icon in your control panels folder.

Download Macintosh Version (700K)

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