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The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives is a nonprofit organization of more than 200 leading neuroscientists, including nine Nobel laureates. It was founded in 1992 at a scientific conference at Cold Spring Harbor, New York, sponsored by The Dana Foundation. Nobel laureate James D. Watson, Ph.D., invited thirty preeminent scientists to assess progress, refocus energy, and make a commitment to shape the many ongoing approaches to brain research into a strong, cohesive effort. The resulting Dana Alliance is committed to advancing education about the personal and public benefits of brain research and disseminating information on the brain to the public in an understandable and accessible fashion. The Allianceís goal is to bridge the gap of understanding between what is being accomplished in brain research and what the general public knows.

Every March The Dana Alliance coordinates Brain Awareness Week, a unique international partnership of over 1,300 scientific institutions, service and patient-advocacy groups, universities and teaching hospitals. These organizations work to expand public understanding of advances in brain research and of some of the brainís most intractable diseases and disorders. Their goal is to further understanding of how central the human brain is to every aspect of life and how important a healthy brain is to attaining our maximum potential. The next Brain Awareness Week is March 11-17, 2002.


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Online at
Brainy Kids Online offers children, parents, and teachers a site with activities for younger children, puzzles, links to excellent educational resources about the brain, and lesson plan suggestions.

"Dana BrainWeb" is a service for patients, families, and caregivers of those with brain disorders or diseases. It offers links to the latest research, treatment options, support for families and caregivers, and sources of more information.

Periodicals in print and on the web site:

BRAIN IN THE NEWS, a monthly tabloid reprinting articles from major newspapers about the brain and specific diseases and disorders.

BrainWork, a bi-monthly publication for the general public.

BRAINWORK THIS WEEK, a weekly report on the most interesting new research in brain science.

Special publications in print and on the web site:

BRAIN CONNECTIONS: YOUR SOURCE GUIDE TO INFORMATION OF BRAIN DISEASES (also on the web) is a source guide to organizations offering information on brain diseases and disorders.

THE DANA BRAIN SCIENCE GUIDE: RESOURCES FOR SECONDARY AND POST-SECONDARY TEACHERS AND STUDENTS offers a basic introduction to brain science, its history, current understanding, new developments, and future directions.

ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT ON BRAIN RESEARCH: The update series outlines the yearly progress in research that has been made in the brain-related diseases and disorders.

CEREBRUM: THE DANA FORUM ON BRAIN SCIENCE (paid for subscription), a thought-provoking new journal of ideas, with articles, debates and reviews from the worldís top neuroscientists and thinkers on subjects ranging from philosophy to physics.