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(Class Period 4)

15. The assessment could be in the form of a lab practical whereby students are given a map of the brain with numbers written in on the parts, then they write on a separate sheet the name and function next to the appropriate number.

16. One alternate assessment is to write a story about a person doing things in his/her life and using parentheses and/or a coding system/ footnotes, to denote which activities are involving which of the brain areas we are studying. For example: "I slept in really late because I stayed up too late the night before(* ♣) When I finally got out of bed, I decided to go for a bike ride(♥)."

* Brain stem
♣ Pineal Gland
♥ Cerebellum

17. An additional alternate assessment/extension could be to write and illustrate a childrenšs book with questions(and answers in the back) about which parts of the brain the character was using in each part of the story, or in each picture. Later, these can be used as additional study guides and teaching tools.

Student Materials

Mapping the Brain Research Chart (separate file)