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THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN Online will have two components: a companion site for the series and a separate site dedicated to outreach training and education. The sites will promote viewership of the series, as well as provide information on how to utilize the series and related resources for adult community education, for adolescent informal learning, and for generating an interest in careers in science and related fields.

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN Online Outreach Center is an interactive, multimedia educational site with everything a busy outreach professional needs to design activities that effectively utilize all of the project resourcesóvideo, print, and web. The site includes turn-key tools for producing outreach, such as press releases, flyers, newsletter articles, and downloadable logo art. Specially designed activity plans based on streaming video from the series provide strategies for maximizing the usage of THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN in informal educational and community settings. Regular project updates will keep public television stations and community partners informed of new developments and opportunities.

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN companion site will feature several multimedia, interactive areas dealing with general topics of brain science, such as a tour of brain anatomy and a visual explanation of brain scanning. The site will be media-rich and exciting enough for students but content-heavy for adults interested in exploring the brain. For each of the five episodes of the series, the web site will feature a closer look at an intriguing topic. The close-ups will give the user a chance to fully understand some of the more complicated aspects of brain science. The companion site will launch on January 8, 2002 at