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About Michael Kantor


Michael Kantor’s 25 years’ experience in historical documentary filmmaking includes the six-part Emmy nominated series, MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: THE FUNNY BUSINESS OF AMERICA (hosted by Billy Crystal and narrated by Amy Sedaris), GIVE ME THE BANJO (narrated by Steve Martin), THE THOMASHEFSKYS: MUSIC AND MEMORIES OF A LIFE IN THE YIDDISH THEATER, and QUINCY JONES: IN THE POCKET for the American Masters series. He has also created profiles of Arthur Miller and David Mamet for Thirteen’s series EGG: THE ARTS SHOW, and co-directed CORNERSTONE: AN INTERSTATE ADVENTURE for HBO. Kantor’s other credits include work on THE WEST, a film by Stephen Ives (Executive Producer Ken Burns), LINDBERGH, CONEY ISLAND, THE DONNER PARTY, MARGARET SANGER, OUT OF THE PAST, THE IMPRESSIONISTS, and Ric Burns’ NEW YORK: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY series. Mr. Kantor wrote LULLABYE OF BROADWAY: OPENING NIGHT ON 42ND STREET, which was produced by Metropolitan Entertainment in association with Ghost Light Films. With Laurence Maslon, Mr. Kantor is the co-author of the companion books to MAKE ‘EM LAUGH and BROADWAY: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL, and has published numerous essays and articles.