My Everyday Hustle: The Subway Performer

In the latest installment of “My Everyday Hustle,” meet subway performer Heidi Kole. Despite the tough crowds and the dangers, Heidi’s “everyday hustle” means singing her heart out. One of her biggest challenges is competing with cellphones for your ear- and your donations. But can she make enough to get by? Check back Friday at 1PM right here on our website and on our Facebook page for the full episode.

We see them every day and often depend on them. They are an integral part of the fabric of any city, including New York. They are the people who make our lunch, deliver our dinner, drive us around, walk our dog, and sing for us in the subway. “My Everyday Hustle” offers five fascinating first-person profiles that reveal the struggles, successes, and “daily hustle” of everyday people.

Meet a dog walker, street cart vendor, on-demand driver, courier, and subway performer that are all working hard to just get by. Who are the people behind these jobs? How do they make ends meet in one of the most expensive cities in the nation? Is the American dream achievable for them? Learn about the everyday hustle for these New Yorkers and how they support themselves and their families, and how they see themselves “Chasing the Dream.”

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