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Amy Snowden

Alpharetta, GA, United States


I was the only child of a Wall St worker and his working wife. Both went to great colleges. I was what they called, a latch-key kid. My dad worked long hours, drank heavily and smoked like a chimney. My mom drank as well but not nearly as much. My dad would often pass out after dinner and I always thought it was because he was tired. Dad’s drinking resulted in job losses. We moved many times, I changed schools a lot and had to make friends all over again and again. I hated it. He quit drinking and smoking when I was 13. We always lived in good neighborhoods and I never felt unsafe. I went to private and public schools. I was labeled an underachiever and it followed me into college where it took me 8 years of going part time, changing majors 3 times, 3 different schools and 2 states to finally graduate. I never knew what I wanted to do for a living. But loved computers. Dad always lectured me about saving for retirement but he died 6 years into his from cancer. My parents never got involved in anything I did when I was young and I always felt any life changing decision was made without my feelings considered, including giving my dog away when we moved. My grades were awful, I never liked school and I didn’t care. I developed an OCD at 14 and yanked 75% of my hair out. My classmates tormented me and I was bullied a lot my entire childhood. I was shy and never had many friends. As an adult, my first marriage lasted 15 years (no kids). I was in high tech sales and have been laid off more times than I can recall. I had my own internet ecommerce business for about 10yrs. I’ve been broke many times but my parents were always there for me if I needed them. I was always close to my parents as an adult but a handful as a teen and I’m sure I made them crazy. At 53, my life has now turned around. I have a good job and I have been saving for retirement and my 2nd husband is a gem. I wish my parents had lived long enough to see it.