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Thumbnail of the colonists farming. Thumbnail of the colonists sharing an evening by the fire. Thumbnail of Carolyn Heinz participating in the Sunday service. Thumbnail of The Verdecia family enjoying a laugh. Thumbnail of the colonists reading. Thumbnail of the colonists enjoying a fire.
Thumbnail of the Voorhees family sharing supper with Clare, Jeff, and Craig. Thumbnail of Danny Tisdale, Jeff Wyers, and Dominic Muir on the boat. Thumbnail of John Voorhees and David Wyers aboard the boat. Thumbnail of the colonists participating in a circle dance. Thumbnail of Bethany Wyers and Clare Samuels. Thumbnail of a group meal.
Thumbnail of David and Tammy Wyers sailing on the boat with Danny Tisdale. Thumbnail of David Wyers. Thumbnail of the colonists aboard the ship approaching their new home. Thumbnail of some handy musket work. Thumbnail of Julia Friese and Emily Verdecia cooking. Thumbnail of Julia Friese and Emily Verdecia cooking.

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