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At Work
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Thumbnail of Bethany Wyers perfecting her sharpshooting. Thumbnail of Clare Samuels. Thumbnail of Craig Tuminaro. Thumbnail of Clare hanging laundry. Thumbnail of Don Heinz adding kindling to the fire. Thumbnail of Debbie Verdecia helping her daughter, Maddison, with her apron.
Thumbnail of Dave Verdecia hanging his hoe after an afternoon of soil cultivation. Thumbnail of Clare with a chicken? Thumbnail of Maddison Verdecia and Amy-Kristina Herbert milking a goat. Thumbnail of Giacomo Voorhees honing his woodworking skills. Thumbnail of Michelle Rossi-Voorhees focusing intently on her knitting. Thumbnail of Paul Hunt appearing to be less happy than a pig in a sty.
Thumbnail of Don Wood casting a weary, knowing eye out to sea. Thumbnail of Clare Samuels spliting some wood for kindling. Thumbnail of Bethany Wyers and Julia Friese mastering the craft of churning butter. Thumbnail of John Voorhees fixing the wood on his hatchet handle. Thumbnail of Debbie Verdecia and Tammy Wyers taking a stroll. Thumbnail of Michelle Rossi-Voorhees cultivating her garden.

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