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Photo of Chloe the dog with John Voorhees
Name: Chloe the dog
Age: 7
From: Massachusetts

Chloe is part of the Voorhees family. She is a seven-year-old mutt and came from Nebraska via the Northeast Animal shelter in Salem, Massachusetts. Chloe was feeling a mid-life crisis coming on and felt the need to broaden her horizons with an adventure. She also heard there was the possibility of other single dogs being involved in the project, and was interested in meeting someone. Most of her days were spent patrolling the property with Henry, barking at anyone in 21st-century clothing, chewing on fat-laden bones, sleeping in the dirt street, and avoiding the small children who were constantly calling her name. Other favorite pastimes included goat- and chicken-herding, swimming, and barking at the camera crew.

Now that Chloe has returned to the 21st century, most of her time is spent sleeping, going to work with Michelle, wrestling with her cat, and barking. She really likes to bark. Chloe would very much like to repeat the colonial experience, but -- much like the human participants of the project -- she would like to confine the experience to the warmer months.

1628 Profile:
Chloe is a member of the Voorhees family, and journeyed with them across the Atlantic Ocean in search of warmer weather.

As a young married couple, John and Michelle left their rural village in Worcestershire with their son Giacomo, seeking a way out of the rural poverty that gripped many English families. They moved to Bristol, the second largest city in England, and a magnet for people seeking opportunity. Unfortunately, the situation in Bristol was not much better. For a time, John served as a soldier, fighting in the wars on the continent. He then found work as a laborer, working a variety of jobs on the busy waterfront. Michelle is able to supplement their income working as a successful seamstress.

They have heard wonderful stories about America from the fishermen and sailors of Bristol who have visited there. When word spread that the Colonial House Company was seeking settlers for a new Colony, the Voorhees leapt at the opportunity. This will be their chance to own a house and land, and be prosperous farmers.

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Photo of Chloe the dog
Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

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