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Photo of Henry the dog and Emily Verdecia
Name: Henry the dog
Age: 5
From: New York

Henry is a terrier mutt. He is five years old, and came from an animal shelter in Houston, Texas. The opportunity of unlimited squirrel chasing convinced him to join Don Wood on the Colony. On the Colony, he spent his days sleeping in the sun and chasing rabbits. In the 21st century, Henry likes riding in the car, going on walks, and getting attention.

Henry's favorite part of the experience was the table scraps. His least favorite part was the porcupines. He has told Don that he'd very much like to repeat the Colonial House experience.

1628 Profile:
Henry belongs to Don Wood. Henry willingly sojourned across the ocean when Don told him about all the rabbits and squirrels in the New World.

Don is a tradesman, a carpenter. He grew up in a village not far from Bristol, in the County of Avon near a manor house owned by Sir Ferdinando Gorges, a prominent nobleman, and major investor in the Colonial House Company. Don has been employed from time to time by Sir Ferdinando. So, when he heard villagers talking about the new Colony, he was able to secure a place, through this connection. Furthermore, Sir Ferdinando said that there would be plenty of need and opportunity for a carpenter in the Colony. Dan has left his village only once before, to work as a fisherman in the seasonal Newfoundland fisheries. This will be his chance to once again go beyond the confines of his sleepy village, and get ahead in the world.

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Photo of Henry the dog
Bark! Bark! Bark!

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