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Letter from the New World
Activity Sheet

Name____________________________ Date_________

Create a character who is a colonist in seventeenth century New England. Based on your knowledge of colonial life and the conditions colonists faced during their voyages to the New World, write either a letter from the colonist to a friend in England, or a journal entry detailing the colonist's experiences. The letter or diary entry should focus on the colonist's journey to the New World.

In your writing, address elements of the ship, supplies, social life, and dangers faced during the Atlantic crossing. Base your writing on information from the "Fantastic Voyage" online activity and John Josselyn's first-hand account.

Your Colonist's Name ____________________________________________

Your Colonist's Age ___________________

Reason Why Your Colonist Came to the New World:

Please write your letter or diary entry in the space below. Attach additional pages if necessary.

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