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Humiliation and Thanksgiving
The Governor may command solemn days of fasting to repent for the sins of the Colony. He may also declare days of Thanksgiving in celebration of any good fortune that falls upon the Colony.

No one still living under the same roof as their parents may marry without parental consent. If parents are not present in the Colony then it shall be with the consent of the Governor whose care it shall be to see the marriage be fit before he allows it.

Those who married without consent were fined.

No colonist shall sell as his own timber, food, furs, or other commodities belonging to the Company.

Commodities had to be forfeited and a fine was levied.

For the good ordering of the Colony, the Governor shall place unmarried and unattached individuals in households under the authority of a duly responsible freeman of his choice.

Night Watch
To better safeguard the Colony, if he deems it necessary, the Governor shall appoint a watch from amongst the freemen of the Colony, to stand over the settlement every night.

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