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April 6th, 2009
The Film
Production Credits

Produced by
Edie Magnus
Mary Murphy

Written by
Edie Magnus
Mary Murphy

Directed by
Mary Murphy

Director of Photography
Rich White

Edited by
A.M. Baluzy

Associate Producers
Molly Knight Raskin
Alicia Byrdsong
Laura Chapnick

Additional Camera
Scott Winters
David Dellaria
John Borst
Rob Weir

Jack Norflus
Rick Albright
Tim Dutton
David Baumgartner

Additional Editing
Becka Slade
Lynn Vance

Online Editor
Jaroslaw Ziaja

Production Assistants
Angelica Hester
Zachary Green

Additional footage provided by
Associated Press
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Special Thanks
Hamilton High School
Clarkstown North High School
Ossining Public Library

Project Manager
Rekha Menon

Shari LaPayover

Kellie Specter
Gloria Park

Board of Advisors
Alison Malmon
Dr. Richard A. Friedman
Mark Goulston

Senior Producer
Scott Davis

Executive Producer
Edie Magnus

Stephen Segaller

Neal Shapiro

This program was produced by Thirteen which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2009 WNET.ORG

Estate of Marya Sielska
Irene Ritter Foundation
Judy Collins
Leon Lowenstein Foundation
Donna and Phil Satow
Marion E. Kentworthy-Sarah H. Swift Foundation

Additional funding was provided by More than 3,000 members of Thirteen

  • Esther

    Thank you ALL for this documentary!!! This coming Sunday, May 3rd my 14 year old is in a play that deals with just this – teen violence, suicide, bullying, depression, intimidation and more. It is called “Bang Bang,You’re Dead.” It is about a fictional school shooting and how the deceased come back for answers. Very, very powerful. It is for middle school and above. Sadly, I find we get resistance from many because of the name. It it were called “Come smell the roses” more would flock to it. These young actors wanted to be the “voices” of those that can no longer speak. I understand a few actors lost life long friends in Virginia Tech. So very sad. This is to bring awareness, education and prevention. Sadly in our Jersey Shore community we’ve had over 9 teen suicides in less than one year. This has to stop!!!!


    wonderful show. would like to learn more about the character building day. would like to use some of the exercises in my classes to help my students get in touch with their emotions. many of them are under a great deal of stress. How do we access these exercises?

  • D J Register

    The degree that the National Alliance on Mental Illness (a national lobby and special interest group promoting mental illness screening–that some refer to as a cult) has infiltrated the Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services Administration of DHHS (SAMHSA WAS THE FUNDING SOURCE FOR THIS DOCUMENTARY) is unknown. For instance, there was a recent FOIA request that a Durham, NC group did, #08-120, that was meant to explore this infiltration. SAMHSA simply refused to comply. This girl sadly it appears has become another product placement in a film.

  • THeresa Barnes

    THank you for the Documentary Although It was to Late For my neice Who will forever Be 17teen. We Need more help for our children. Befor its to late Sarah Beth Shoffner Took Her life 12/31/09 She would of been 18teen On 1/3/10 Well she never made it It makes me so mad to think we miss any of the signs. But it happened She was so happy Loved life was waiting to be 18.But depression Set in and she could’nt take it but never went to anyone.So please Call a friend our talk to someone Call any hot line.Because we will never get to watch out Ray of Sun Shine Grow up.

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