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April 6th, 2009
The Film
Production Credits

Produced by
Edie Magnus
Mary Murphy

Written by
Edie Magnus
Mary Murphy

Directed by
Mary Murphy

Director of Photography
Rich White

Edited by
A.M. Baluzy

Associate Producers
Molly Knight Raskin
Alicia Byrdsong
Laura Chapnick

Additional Camera
Scott Winters
David Dellaria
John Borst
Rob Weir

Jack Norflus
Rick Albright
Tim Dutton
David Baumgartner

Additional Editing
Becka Slade
Lynn Vance

Online Editor
Jaroslaw Ziaja

Production Assistants
Angelica Hester
Zachary Green

Additional footage provided by
Associated Press
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Special Thanks
Hamilton High School
Clarkstown North High School
Ossining Public Library

Project Manager
Rekha Menon

Shari LaPayover

Kellie Specter
Gloria Park

Board of Advisors
Alison Malmon
Dr. Richard A. Friedman
Mark Goulston

Senior Producer
Scott Davis

Executive Producer
Edie Magnus

Stephen Segaller

Neal Shapiro

This program was produced by Thirteen which is solely responsible for its content.

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Estate of Marya Sielska
Irene Ritter Foundation
Judy Collins
Leon Lowenstein Foundation
Donna and Phil Satow
Marion E. Kentworthy-Sarah H. Swift Foundation

Additional funding was provided by More than 3,000 members of Thirteen

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