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Who's Dancin' Now?
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Who's Dancin' Now?

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outreach & development

Educators, administrators and artists should come together to share experiences, learn from one another and celebrate results. To help facilitate the exchange of ideas and connect you with arts education opportunities in your own community, we suggest the following outreach initiatives:

  • Database of Local Arts Education Organizations
    Search from our nationwide listings of over 600 arts education organizations to find a program that meets the needs and interests of your students or children.

  • Talk With Your Community
    Visit our local and national bulletin boards to explore topics, post messages and find members with similar interests in arts education.

  • Local, State, and National Conferences
    Attend arts education meetings and workshops to build strategies for advancing the impact of the arts in schools and communities. Search the Web links provided on this site to locate conferences sponsored by state and national arts agencies.

  • Newsletters, Journals, Web sites
    Explore the Internet, receive mailings from arts organizations and subscribe to educational journals to learn more about the latest developments in the field of arts education.