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Who's Dancin' Now?
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Who's Dancin' Now?

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outreach & development

It is important for teachers to have a command of the skills and knowledge necessary to teach the arts. The best curriculum guides and resources are not enough to safeguard the arts in education. Teacher training can help.

Although some teachers are motivated to strengthen their professional abilities through self-study, the majority of them are already overworked and hard-pressed to keep up with current tasks and responsibilities. Successfully introducing new ideas, programs or teaching strategies is almost impossible for teachers who already do not have enough time in the school day.

Schools and districts that want strong arts programs need to provide their teachers with professional development on a regular basis. School administrators should either carve out time during the school day for in-school teacher training or provide compensation to teachers who invest their personal time. Examples of different professional development opportunities include after-school and weekend workshops, daylong sessions during the school year, summer programs, extension and continuing education courses, and higher degrees in education and/or the arts.

These types of opportunities in turn teach classroom teachers and arts specialists basic techniques, methodology, and interdisciplinary applications in arts education. Through professional development, participants also learn how to work together on in-school and community collaborations in order to enhance the educational environment of their students.

To learn more about professional development opportunities, please visit the educational references and links provided on this site.