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Friday, December 19, 2008:
This week on Exposé: a new episode online and on Bill Moyers Journal (check local listings). A private company hired to build military family homes never finishes the job. An employee tries to do something about it but his bosses - and the U.S. Navy - don't seem to be listening.  Enter Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Nalder from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer whose investigation reveals the high cost of privatization and a whistleblower in search of vindication.

Find out from the reporter known for his ability to get people to open up how you can "loosen lips" during your next interview. Ask him about his techniques and his investigation by submitting questions to the Blog on the Bill Moyers Journal website. Are you thinking about blowing the whistle yourself?  Read "The Whistleblower's Tightrope" by James Sandler of the Center for Investigative Reporting, and see if you are ready to pay the price. Or go back to Eric Nalder's original reporting, read his recent follow-up, as well as the most recent reporting from Arkansas Leader journalist John Hofheimer, also featured in our documentary.

Plus, on the Moyer's Blog: Denver Post reporter Mike Riley from Exposé's "No Justice Out Here" answers your questions and talks about how to fix the failed justice system on Indian reservations.

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