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Money for Nothing

The Facts
"It was real simple, brick and mortar, brick and mortar -- you got money, show me the house." -- Manny Garcia, Metro Editor, The Miami Herald

The Miami real estate market has been booming, but that growth has left some residents out in the cold. With an innovative tax on commercial real estate transactions, money was flowing into the Miami-Dade Housing Agency, the body charged with building affordable housing. But there was a problem. A lot of money was going out. But not a lot of houses were being built. In an investigation one editor described as a "bomb going off in the city," reporter Debbie Cenziper went inside the agency's own records, interviewed dozens of residents and hunted down the money to expose the mismanagement, pet projects, and special favors taking place at the expense of the very people the agency was supposed to serve.

Read The Miami Herald's original reporting, "House of Lies", and check out the additional multimedia features. For continuing coverage in this series, go to: http://www.miamiherald.com/460/story/55667.html

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