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Read Debbie Cenziper's original reporting and the Miami Herald's continuing coverage, including "House of Lies 2"
1) House of Lies (Miami-Dade) / Main investigation:

2) House of Lies (Miami-Dade) / Continuing coverage:

3) House of Lies 2 (Miami's Crisis) / Sequel to the Miami-Dade housing investigation, this time focusing on the city of Miami:

Time Magazine "There's Trouble--Lots of It--in Paradise" (11/19/2006)
This Time Magazine article draws attention to the elevated cost of living in Miami and Miami-Dade county, and highlights the Miami Herald's House of Lies.

"Betrayal of Our Commitment" (September 2006)
Former Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek, whose efforts in Congress contributed to making HOPE VI a reality, expresses her disappointment with the housing scandal in Miami-Dade.

The Miami Workers Center
The Miami Workers Center attempts to increase the power and self-determination of working class and poor Black and Latino communities in Miami by initiating and supporting community-led grassroots organizations that confront critical social issues. This organization put reporter Debbie Cenziper in touch with residents displaced by HOPE VI housing plans.

Habitat for Humanity Miami
Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical, Christian ministry whose purpose is to build homes in partnership with low-income families within Greater Miami.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Check out the agency's Florida pages for information about how HUD responded to reporting in the Miami Herald.

McClatchy News reports "Nation's Poor Hit by Housing Crunch" (7/13/2007)
Fewer public housing units and higher rents are affecting the quality of life of millions of Americans.

New York City Public Housing Giveaway (5/21/2007)
Should New York City give residents of public housing ownership over their units?

Housing Vouchers
According to Dean Foust, Atlanta bureau chief for BusinessWeek and contributor to the magazine's real estate blog, public housing projects are "a place where too many who enter soon abandon hope" (7/2/2007). But are housing vouchers a solution? The Center for American Progress weighs in (7/11/2007).

A Decade of HOPE VI: Research Findings and Policy Challenges (May 2004)
This publication from the Urban Institute explores the achievements and obstacles of the HOPE VI program, a significant part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development's efforts to transform Public Housing.

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