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KHOU-TV (Houston, TX), 11 News Investigates (CBS affiliate)
Reporter: Jeremy Rogalski
Is Houston a sitting duck for terrorism?

Aired: 02/01/07

In this segment, reporter Jeremy Rogalski and photojournalist Keith Tomshe investigate the dangers of a lack of security at small general aviation airports near Houston's chemical alley. Working off a tip, Tomshe uses a hidden camera to record his easy access to small planes and even some larger regional jets on runways and in hangars. Rogalski interviews Mary Schiavo, former aviation professor and inspector general at the Department of Transportation, about whether this easy access poses a threat. He also talks to chemical engineer Phil Whitman and Dr. Jay Boris, chief scientist at the U.S. Naval Research Lab, who confirm that the impact of a small plane on tanks containing dangerous chemicals like chlorine could result in thousands of deaths and injuries. (6 minutes)

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