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Sustained Outrage

" . . . the most remarkable thing is that before 9/11, when we tested security it was really horrible. Today, six years after 9/11, after millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars, screeners are still failing to find weapons which could be getting on airplanes."
-- Deborah Sherman, KUSA Denver

Local television news may have a soft reputation when it comes to hard-hitting investigative journalism. However, some television newsrooms are chasing leads and cultivating inside sources as they undertake investigations that often have national importance. On this edition of Exposé, the investigative teams at KNXV in Phoenix, KUSA in Denver, and KHOU in Houston go undercover, go on stakeouts, and go the extra mile to unearth government documents and plumb knowledgeable sources revealing shocking lapses in the nation's airport security.

» At KHOU in Houston, 11 News Investigates reporter Jeremy Rogalski reveals the dangers of lax security at three general aviation airports around Houston's chemical alley; at KNXV in Phoenix, The Investigators' Lisa Fletcher discovers that non-TSA security guards routinely do not screen employee bags and other items entering secure areas during a 4.5-hour overnight period. Watch segments from the original reporting from KHOU (aired February 1 and February 27, 2007) and KNXV (aired July 20-24, 2007) .

» At KUSA in Denver, 9News investigative reporter Deborah Sherman learns from inside sources that screeners at Denver International Airport have failed to detect explosives in TSA tests. Click here for KUSA's original coverage (aired on March 29, 2007).

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