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"Oil Change: Petroleum's Role through History"

Part I. Extreme Oil: Oil History Timeline at

1) Your group's assigned time period: _________________________________

2) How were humans using oil during your assigned time period? Where and when was this oil use occurring?

3) What are the three most interesting or important facts to know about humans' use of oil during this time period?

Part II. American Petroleum Institute's "Progress Through Petroleum" Web site at

Your group's assigned topic: _________________________________________

Please write a 5-7 sentence summary of how petroleum has impacted your topic over the last 150 years.

Once you have completed the research on your topic, you will be meeting with your classmates to hear about their discoveries. In the space below, compile information about the impact of petroleum on the three topics you did not research.

TOPIC: ________________________________________________________

TOPIC: ________________________________________________________

TOPIC: ________________________________________________________