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Uncovering surprising information

Q. Were you surprised about anything you found as you explored the ancestry of your guests?

Gates: I was surprised by the amount of genealogy data that exists for people who are not African American. Because of slavery, the “paper trail” for African Americans only goes back 200 years. Similarly, the records of Dr. Oz and Queen Noor’s families were destroyed during the fall of the Ottoman Empire. So it was a surprise to go back in history as far as we were able. We also uncovered surprising genetic connections between our guests, and their ethnic admixture. We presented each guest with a pie chart showing their racial admixture, and the people who were 100% Asian or European expressed regret at not being more mixed!

  • Barbara W

    I love the show and recently took the National Geographic Geno swab test that showed my ancient heirtage. How would I go about getting a piechart like I saw on the show. I thought that was what the Nat. Goe would be, and while my genetic sequencing is cool and the route traveled by ancient ancestors matches part of the family heritage I knew I does not show any of the native peoples blood I have always heard I carry. Anyway not to dwell on so few diverse markers, but I would like to know how to have the degrees done. The test I had run shows the common link to Africa that we all share but I am hoping for a stronger link than that and would like to know what my makeup really is. I think I understand the ones that were disappointed, all I have according to the ancient lineage tracker is a beeline for Germany, France and then England. Any information would be helpful on how to find out my true racial mix. Diversity is what makes the world interesting, and I would like to really know.
    Thank you,
    Barbara W

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